Belstrom Nordburger

In an age of samples, edits, and copycat conventionalism, there is a bulwark against the endless campaign of the average “meh,” and somewhere in there you’ll almost certainly find Mr. Belstrom Nordburger. His songs are seductive enough to fool the average listener into thinking, “Oh, this is just pop music,” before mindfucking them into some interesting delta-wave patterns which are hardly symptomatic of, well, simple music. Have a listen at his band’s latest foray into the kooky, courtesy of his Jet Black 7. That little slab of black vinyl has a treasure trove of funky secrets hidden within.

For starters, try the opening track, from which the EP takes its title: “One Man Laser Light Show”. That one, single track is like a three-act play, and good luck keeping track of the Dramatis Personae. It goes a bit up, a bit left, a bit sideways, and it still manages to land you right back in your precious little nest.

“Cute Cute Girls”, the first song on the b-side, is a classic by the time it gets to the eighth bar. Dark, melodic, catchy and…well, how else can it be described? It’s pure Nordburger, through and through.

“I’m Just a Fish” has a long and storied history, here at Jet Black Records. First released on a split-single (on cassette, no less) back in May of ’94, this was the first–and some would say, best–of Chris Lundgren’s many mid-90s creations. So. it was only natural for the Ensemble to take this track and fucking run with it. And, yes, run they did. After three separate attempts at this song, the latched onto one in particular, and they rode it into the sunset.

Just wait until these sonsofbitches put out their album. I assure you, you’re gonna be utterly floored.