2002 Comp

2002 Boise Music Comp

Sometime back around 2002 we endeavored to put together a compilation of Boise area bands to be published along with a magazine that we were publishing at the time. What followed was a poorly edited and rather disposable garbage magazine. I remember actually carting off a couple boxes of said magazines to the dump. We were also left with a couple hundred copies of the music compilation, which somehow survived.

The intention of the magazine and compilation was simply to highlight the creativity that was going on in and around Boise Idaho at that time. And while the magazine was not much to speak of, the music compilation part of it provides an interesting view on what was going on musically at the time.

Is this a comprehensive and exhaustive representation of the bands that were playing around Boise at that time? Of course not. There were plenty of bands that we either didn’t know, didn’t like, or who would have been beyond the league of such a silly endeavor.  It should be noted that the only requirement for getting on the compilation was that, if asked, you said yes. In at least one situation we even helped facilitate the recording process for one of the bands so that they could be on the compilation. And as a result I think we ended up with an unintentionally eclectic compilation of bands and such that were playing music at that time.

Anyway, fast forward roughly 15 years later when I re-discovered this compilation while digging through some boxes in the garage. I pulled a disk from the spindle of leftover copies of the compilation and spent the next hour or so revisiting the long buried memories evoked by the trip down memory lane that this compilation represents. My hope is that the listener is also enthusiastic about the odd and interesting history of Boise music and its bands. And that they get some enjoyment out of this little installment of the scrappy and productive small town music scene that is Boise.

Note that we did not print the track list of the songs on the CD. And so I am clueless as to some of the names of the songs. I do believe I at least got most the name of the bands or artists right. If I’m wrong, and you’d like to correct the omission, then please feel free to contact.

Digital copies of the songs can be downloaded here for free.

Physical copies of the compilation can be purchased through our store. Enjoy!


Malcom McDingus