[Originally released Spring 1996 with matrix number “jb005”. Remastered/reissued July 2019.]

This 1996 album, the sophomore effort by Charlie Baudelaire & the 666-Shooters, was the fifth musical project released by Jet Black Records. Originally available only on cassette, and in an edition of 100 copies, this work has long been out of print. We are here to change that. While there is noticeable damage to the original master tape (specifically on the first instrumental break on track 1), we put our sound engineer to work cleaning up the tape hiss, compressing and EQing each track individually, so as to give you the best possible listening experience. Also, we’ve included scans of artwork and lyrics which were originally only available in a “Special Edition” package (of which a mere 10 copies were made at the time), as well as scans of the four slightly different takes on the cover art.
For a mere $1.99, you can download this “disasterpiece” of 90’s basement indie-rock. Can you afford NOT to buy it?