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James Plane Wreck

From its modest beginnings as an acoustic solo recording project, you’d never suspect that these guys can regularly just destroy a room with rock. But that’s precisely it. You simply wouldn’t guess it.
James Plane Wreck is Aaron on guitars and lead vocals, Shane on guitars and backing vocals, Shawn on bass, and Andrew on drums. Three of the four have been recording together since the deep, dark ages. We’re talking 1999, a year which somehow even Prince found funky. And yes, there was a change or two in the guitar end, and there was a hiatus her and there. Each lineup seeemed to add a different ferocity to the band, but in 2011, Shane came aboard. And that settled things.
“We’ve always been pretty gung ho,” according to Shawn. Previsous and current members, all? “Once we started with a new band member, that earlier band’s done,” Aaron laughs. “Move on, and….yeah.”
As to the writing distribution, Shane chimes in, “I think it’s 70/30.”
“Yes. I don’t write bass parts, drum parts,” Aaron says.
“The basic riffs, and the vocals and the melodies, that’s all him,” Shane insists, “and then, sometimes, if there’s a newer jam and he’s only got two parts, that’s when Shawn and I will help him write it, or…”
“And by ‘riffs,’ Shane means C-G-D,” Aaron pipes in. Like clockwork, everybody’s laughing. “I come in with something like a dirge, and Andrew just plays, like, a much faster beat to it, and you’re just like, ‘Holy shit, this song just opened up!’”
And is that intentional?
“I just don’t know what else to do,” says Andrew, finally. And at that, the room erupts with laughter.
Give ‘em a listen. I have a feeling you just might enjoy them.